Harga Jual PVC Tube Settler adalah susunan tube ( selongsong )dengan kemiringan 60 derajat dan di gunakan untuk meningkatkan kapasitas clarifier ( kolam pengendapan ) pada pengolahan air bersih atau air limbah. Tube Settler terbuat dari lembaran PVC bergelombang dengan kemiringan 60 derajat dan di rekat membentuk selongsong selongsong berbentuk persegi 6 ( Hexagonal ) menjadi 1 balok ( module ). Tube settler menggunakan bahan PVC karena PVC relatif tahan terhadap bahan kimia, tenggelam dalam air dan tidak menyala ( bisa memadamkan api sendiri apabila terbakar ).

Keuntungan Tube Settler bila Di Gunakan :

PT. Rafa Citra Selaras memproduksi Tube Settler dari bahan PVC yang berkualitas dan dengan harga terjangkau.

Kami Menyediakan Tube Settler dengan beberapa ukuran yang standar seperti :

P x L x T = 1000 x 1000 x 1000 x 0,5 mm
P x L x T = 2000 x 1000 x 1000 x 0,5 mm
P x L x T = 1000 x 500 x 1000 x 0,5 mm
P x L x T = 2000 x 500 x 1000 x 0,5 mm

Sistem Tube Settler Untuk Clarifier – Tube settlers and parallel plates increase the settling capacity of circular clarifiers and/or rectangular sedimentation basins by reducing the vertical distance a floc particle must settle before agglomerating to form larger particles.

Tube settlers use multiple tubular channels sloped at an angle of 60° and adjacent to each other, which combine to form an increased effective settling area. This provides for a particle settling depth that is significantly less than the settling depth of a conventional clarifier, reducing settling times.

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Tube settlers capture the settleable fine floc that escapes the clarification zone beneath the tube settlers and allows the larger floc to travel to the tank bottom in a more settleable form. The tube settler’s channel collects solids into a compact mass which promotes the solids to slide down the tube channel.

Why Tube Settlers?

PVC Tube settler offer an inexpensive method of upgrading existing water treatment plant clarifiers and sedimentation basins to improve performance. They can also reduce the tankage/footprint required in new installations or improve the performance of existing settling basins by reducing the solids loading on downstream filters.

Made of lightweight PVC, tube settlers can be easily supported with minimal structures that often incorporate the effluent trough supports. They are available in a variety of module sizes and tube lengths to fit any tank geometry, with custom design and engineering offered by the manufacturer.

Advantages of Tube Settlers

The advantages of pvc tube settler can be applied to new or existing clarifiers/basins of any size:

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PT. Rafa Citra Selaras Tube settler dengan kualitas terbaik dan dengan harga terjangkau.

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